There is a legendary tale originating in the deep valleys and mountain ranges of central Oaxaca regarding a tremendous flock of hummingbirds. So the story goes, the gorgeous fluttering hummingbirds joyfully made their way across the arid terrain visiting the local Master Palenqueros – distillers of the most incredible Mezcal in the world – pollinating the Maguey plants on their mystical journey. The beautiful birds feasted on the sweet nectar produced by the flowers of the prickly yet delicious Maguey sprouts. The earthen taste of the Sierra Negra Maguey contrasted with the licorice essence of the Maguey Espadin caused the birds to dance in a truly trace-like fashion – nearby, the king-bat, holed up in his dark cave watched, fascinated by the spectacle of the flurry.

The king-bat, clearly inspired by the extravagance of the dancing and curious about the origin of the birds’ jubilation, questioned the catalyst. ‘How can I, a cave-living bat, experience the obvious joy of these majestic birds?’ With great determination and bravery, the king-bat hatched a plan wherein he would leave the depths of his cave, follow the ebullient hummingbirds and disguise himself in the bright yellow pollen of the Maguey Tepezatate, temporarily hiding his obsidian wings and body from the joyous murmuration. While the hummingbirds were in no way fooled by the king-bat’s clever but unconvincing disguise, they nevertheless welcomed him warmly into their flock. With a collective and unvoiced understanding, the hummingbirds unanimously intimated ‘Maguey is life to whomever or whatever drinks from it…Welcome to the Feast!’ The king-bat, embarrassed and canary, happily acquiesced and joined the hummingbirds in their merry consumption.

The king-bat’s acceptance was contagious and soon, all creatures in the unforgiving heart of the Oaxacan countryside not only watched but shared in the festivities. They eagerly drank the sweet nectar of the plants and rejoiced in their satisfaction. So was born the Danza De Los Pajaros, or ‘Dance Of The Birds!’

Siete Tlacuaches Tragones

We are a passionate team bound together by our love for the beauty and richness of Mexico; our traditions, the colors of the earth and regions that produce the maguey elixir set us apart from the rest.

Our inspiration comes from the magic of the bats and hummingbirds as they fly into the deepest valleys and mountains of Mexico to pollinate agaves for the best distillates of maguey.

We thank and appreciate the kindness of our land, the knowledge passed on through generations from palenquero to palenquero to share “danza de los pajaros”.

Siete Tlacuaches Tragones